Tmall responded to hundreds of merchants gathering ali to say: normal visiting writers think too much

Tmall said that some businesses failed to renew their assessment in the first two days, and asked if there was any possibility to give themselves a chance. The students in charge of the reception have listened carefully to the ideas of the merchants and said they will reply as soon as possible.
For the hundreds of merchants, Tmall said that the reception center had detailed the reservation records for the visiting merchants, which, as usual, had not been ordered more than 50 copies a day.
Tmall was established in 2008 (formerly known as taobao mall), launched in 2009 to renew examination, evaluation of several related to pre-sale, sale, after-sale, logistics comprehensive indexes, such as examination unqualified merchants will not be able to operate in Tmall. Tmall’s renewal rules have been in place for the ninth year, and Tmall says the number of renewals this year has not changed significantly compared with the previous year.
Tmall says, “every year Tmall double 11 is preceded by a similar” scriptwriter “and” racketeer “, year after year. This time, it could be just the beginning of the year. But I’m sorry that the next time “scriptwriter” is more, we don’t have so many boxes.

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