Tmall supermarket into Hong Kong

The annual Tmall double 11 is coming soon, and this day is not only a festival for the Chinese to carve up their hands, but also a carnival for global users.

Today, Tmall announced that it will join dozens of Chinese brands and a large number of high-quality Chinese brands in Hong Kong during the double 11 period, and also participate in the shopping carnival.

This year, alibaba group CEO zhang yong said, double family of 11 Tmall will unite the billow, li ning, gree, haier 100 brands to join the global shopping spree, designed to allow global consumer brand more convenient to buy high quality goods.

During the double this year 11, Tmall supermarket will provide custom service for consumers in Hong Kong, launched hundreds of goods “item package mail” service, local customers in Tmall buy high quality goods and old goods, not limited weight and package mail threshold limit. In addition, Tmall will also establish mandarin and cantonese bilingual customer service for 24 hours.

In fact, the Tmall supermarket in Hong Kong has already started trial operations in April and officially launched in June. At the beginning of the operation, Tmall provided the next day’s service. On September 1 this year, Tmall supermarkets began offering “home delivery and free shipping” services to customers in Hong Kong, which officially opened in Hong Kong.

At present, Tmall supermarket has set up 80 self-mentioned points in Hong Kong, and users can get the express delivery in the lower part of the community.

In addition, Tmall supermarkets are also prepared for the most important logistical issues during the double 11 period. Tmall, Hong Kong head of the Hong Kong supermarket, said that we will fully guarantee the shopping experience for consumers in Hong Kong, whether it be logistics, services or prices. The next day in Hong Kong, the logistics satisfaction rate has reached the average level of the key cities in the mainland.

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