To increase the free flow, improve the store exposure first

1, new baby, we increase the chances of baby show quantity is completes the title, many sellers in order to save trouble and is used to upload the taobao alibaba is a key, not to do the title, with the title of the wholesalers directly, predictable results. Or some friend directly to copy other people’s title, this method also is not desirable, because each baby’s attribute is different, different properties corresponding to different people, it may result in inaccurate our population, low conversion rate, as well as taobao is usually by the title and new baby main picture recognition, copying others title may not be able to get the new standard, and can not get a good product support.

2, we get a baby, need to understand the current market situation, the buyer search words, more accurately, we need to get a baby should have to analyze the market before. Find industry through a variety of methods for words, hot search words, brand, modifier and associated words, these words will be record to the table, and finally combined with the characteristics of our baby, a baby title.

To increase the free flow, improve the store exposure first

3. And baby with a certain amount of data, or some pretty good sales baby, how can we get the free traffic to improve the traffic? Because the title of this baby has a high search weight, our title can not be deleted with the new title, but through the analysis of the key word search into the shop, visitors, and to find which words is the hot word, into the shop, there’s little visitors search into the shop, which word is the difference between the word and will continue to keep these hot words, these bad words gradually removed, replaced by other words in the market, there needs to be emphasized is that in order not to affect the weight of baby, every time we change the title best within three words, and close to 12 o ‘clock in the evening time to modify.

4 staff, you can go to business – goods effect – item analysis – keywords effect analysis, data download keywords, here only download support day by day, they are more than a few days of data, open the form only reserved keywords visitors 2 bar, other data to delete, then download all the data in a form to a form of each word to see visitors into the store.

To increase the free flow, improve the store exposure first

For those of you who don’t know your own precious exposure, go to the seller’s center – check out the data.

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