WeChat payment opens the change pass test yu ‘ebao has an opponent

Yu ‘ebao can both make money and consume at any time. It is very convenient. The WeChat change, although it can be transferred into “change finance”, will be taken out (5 minutes to the account) if consumed. Now, today, WeChat pays for the new function “changtong” test, which is believed to be officially in WeChat soon. According to WeChat payment, loose change is very similar to yu ‘ebao, which can be used directly for consumption, such as money transfer, red envelope, credit card, scanning payment, etc. At the same time, change can make money, with 4.135% in the last seven years, making gains every day. Currently WeChat access is a “change in finance” called “huaxia fund wealth treasure” of monetary fund, the current display yield nearly 7 days years at about 4.135%, it seems WeChat via “change” access is still the monetary funds, but more in-depth cooperation. It is worth mentioning that the current maximum limit of yu ‘ebao has been reduced to RMB 100,000, while WeChat is the opportunity to attract users.

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