What is baidu tongji? How to use baidu tongji? 【Free Download】

What is baidu tongji?

Statistics is baidu baidu launched a free professional website traffic analysis tools, to be able to tell the user how visitors find and the user’s web site, what did you do on the site, with that information, can help users to improve visitors in the user’s experience on the site, improve site return on investment.

What advantages does baidu tongjihave?

Baidu tongji provides dozens of graphical reports, tracking the behavior of visitors all the way. At the same time, baidu statistical integration baidu promotion data, help users to understand baidu promotion effect in time and optimize the promotion plan.

Based on the strong technical strength of baidu, baidu statistics provides abundant data indicators, stable system, powerful but simple operation. After the login system, the code is added according to the system instructions, and baidu statistics can collect data immediately to provide a decision basis for users to improve their investment return. It is a website traffic statistics system that provides free use of website administrators to help users track the real traffic of the website and optimize the operation decisions of the website.

At present, the functions of baidu statistics include: trend analysis, source analysis, page analysis, visitor analysis, custom analysis, etc.

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